Stop the ban

Virginia is home to fantastic natural wonders, a vibrant business community, a rich and important history, and a terrific quality of life. Virginia is also home to a radar detector ban. In a state with so much to offer, it’s unfortunate that an unjustified ban on radar detectors could blemish its reputation.

Despite the lack of any positive benefits, Virginia is the only state that bans the use of these common devices. In the past three decades, there were over 100 attempts in 33 states to enact similar bans, but only in Virginia and Connecticut did these misguided efforts succeed. Connecticut repealed its ban in 1992, and it is time for Virginia to do the same.

This site is meant to educate the public about radar detector use and serve as a virtual rallying point for those opposed to the ban. Take some time to read the facts and I’m sure you’ll want to help us stop the ban!